looking forward to seeing you next year at but-stock again and hoping my band "smoking joe" will be in the lineup also

Haven't seen you guys since I left the Boston area. When are you gonna come play in Orlando? The Bourbon's on me, Bill. Regards to Ruby.

Good website. You look like an awesome singer! I guess you can play guitar really well. lenwingknight@gmail.com

Ruby Bird! Thanks for sharing "Holly" its beautiful:) and sadly if her eyes were blue...

I enjoyed meeting you last night, and hearing you. I look forward to hearing you again, and hope we can connect someday, take care, Deb

New website looks great. I was looking for some "live" events. Looks like January will be a great one. Marking it on the calendar - hoping it won't snow, so we can make the trek from NH. Congrats on the new cd - looking forward to my copy in a few days. Happy Thanksgiving!! Lisa & Michael

Hi Diane, Thanks! The CD has different people and instruments playing with us on different tracks. Some full band, some not. An eclectic mix as usual. Hostbaby is hosting.......

Cool new web site and cool new song. I don't remember hearing that one before. Does the new CD have the whole band on it for all the songs? Love the psychadelic security code also. Who is hosting this? Love, Diane

I like this new website--good work, Billy!

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Join our email list!

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