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Magic Flirtation

©R. Mason, Bonk Zone Music ASCAP -from the debut CD "Bird Mancini"

Written by: Ruby Bird

Verse 1
Magic flirtation, the way your eyes meet mine
It is so exciting, it feels so fine
Won't last forever, but you know it's true
I feel so alive when I look at you

Verse 2
Magic flirtation, might be right might be wrong
If we play our cards right it'll make us strong
Won't last forever but you know it's true
Magic flirtation can put a spell on you

(Guitar solo)

Verse 3
Magic flirtation might not be real
But a little passion's a good thing to feel
Put it in your letter, sing it in your song
Give it to your lover and you can't go wrong

Magic flirtation…….

(©Ruby Bird, Bonk Zone Music ASCAP)