"Dreams and Illusions" Available Now! - CD

Energetic, melodic rock songs that explode like popcorn with progressive motifs, dark and beautiful cinematic imagery, and lush harmonic and counter-melodic vocals throughout. Lyrical themes of hard-earned adult experience. 
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Bird Mancini Lounge - CD

Bird Mancini Lounge - Bird Mancini 

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Available from CDBaby.comDigital Downloads also available at iTunes!

Tuning In / Tuning Out - Bird Mancini 


Tuning In / Tuning Out in Hi Rez - Surround Sound - Hi Res Audio DVD with bonus Video

Tuning In/Tuning Out in Hi Rez Banner 
Here's what Grand Poobah, Tim Casey from LowBudgetRecords has to say:

We're pleased to offer a title from Second Story Records in high resolution: Bird Mancini's wonderful album from 2010, "Tuning In/Tuning Out".  We went back to the original multitracks and remixed the whole album in glorious surround-sound.  Bill Mason also remastered the original 24-bit stereo masters of each track, which are now available as downloads. 
The DVD version includes the high resolution stereo and surround mixes as well as a bonus video, "Bird Mancini Live (Transmission Hour)", a one-hour performance including many of the songs from "Tuning In/Tuning Out".


Big harmonies, rock 'n roll accordion, guitars sometimes crunchy, sometimes mellow, visual melodies and lyrics all reflecting the acid trip of life.







Exclusively available on CD only!  No downloads.  Rockin' Blues/Rock live performance from 1999!  Get 'em while you can.  Limited quantity.

PIE IN THE SKY (Early Bird Mancini) - CD

Rare!  Only 6 copies left in the archives.  All original first CD release by The Sky Blues (Early Bird Mancini) from 1996!

Christmas Is Happy (For Fortunate People)

Bird Mancini’s Christmas song, “Christmas Is Happy (For Fortunate People)” was inspired by the annual Christmas Cavalcade Benefit For the Homeless, of which we will take part again this year. The single song is available for the first time on CDbaby, iTunes, and other online venues. Proceeds will be donated to the Somerville Coalition for the Homeless.

A Lowbudget Tribute to David Bowie - 2-CD Set

You Can't Always Want What You Get-A LowBudget Records Tribute To The Stones - 2 CD set and/or 24 Bit Surround Sound DVD

Stones Tribute CD Cover

Featuring two brand new Bird Mancini Band cuts ("Jumping Jack Flash" and "I Got the Blues") on this great Stones 2 CD set Compilation!  Plus, Ruby sings the Merry Clayton part on the lead off track, Gimme Shelter (LowBudget Allstars) and Billy plays a sultry guitar solo on "Melody" by Glenn Williams.  Also available as a 24 bit Surround Sound DVD which includes 24 bit stereo mixes as well! 

Very limited quantities at this low price, and some cuts are exclusive to the CD and DVD. 
FREE Shipping and Sales Tax Included.  Order yours now!


LowBudget Records says, "An epic tribute to the Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World - The Rolling Stones!  At two and a half hours, this is longer than a lot of operas, and it is definitely Wagnerian in scope.  Thirty four tracks, some which sound like straight covers, others that will make your jaw drop."

The Lowbudget Allstars: Gimme Shelter
The Bird Mancini Band: Jumping Jack Flash
Steve Baker: Paint It, Black
Ray Mason: The Last Time
Doctor X: Come On
Terry Kitchen: Ruby Tuesday
Paul McDonough: As Tears Go By
The Rolling Bones: Bitch
Geoff Pango & Mr. Curt: Hand Of Fate
The Abzurdists: Honky Tonk Women
The Trap Dorz: Dead Flowers
Electric Standard: Loving Cup
Wes And Phil Kaplan: We Love You
Adventure Set: 2000 Light Years From Home
Hummingbird Syndicate: Child Of The Moon
Glenn Williams: Angie
Chillgroove: Coming Down Again
David Greenberger: Everything Spoken
Between Songs In The Order That
They Appear On All The Widely Released
Official Live Albums By The Rolling Stones
Doctor X: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Louder Than Milk: Rip This Joint
Electric Standard: Respectable
Craig Carter And The Hurricane: Tumbling Dice
The Rolling Bones: It's Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It)
The Junk Dealers: Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo (Heartbreaker)
The Bird Mancini Band: I Got The Blues
Mr. Curt & Geoff Pango: I Am Waiting
Glenn Williams And David Roy: Melody
Patricia Abreu, Marty White & Jon Macey: She's A Rainbow
The Trap Dorz: 19th Nervous Breakdown
Capital 6: Sway
Chillgroove: Dancing With Mr. D
The Abzurdists: Sympathy For The Devil
Paul McDonough: Street Fighting Man
Men & Volts: Moonlight Mile

FREE Shipping and Sales Tax Included.

2 CD Set
24BIT Surround Sound DVD

A Lowbudget Barrel of Monkees - 2-CD Set

Bird Mancini T-Shirts

Here they are!  The brand new BIRD MANCINI T-SHIRTS!  Just $20 bucks each...no shipping, taxes or anything else for orders in the US (shipping will be added for orders outside USA). 
For a limited time you'll receive a FREE "Tuning In / Tuning Out" download card with each order. 
Available in Royal Blue and Black (except 2X and 3X sizes...black only).

Bird Mancini T-Shirt-front and back

Colors & Sizes


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