"Dreams and Illusions" Available Now! - CD

Energetic, melodic rock songs that explode like popcorn with progressive motifs, dark and beautiful cinematic imagery, and lush harmonic and counter-melodic vocals throughout. Lyrical themes of hard-earned adult experience. 
You can listen to snippets from the upcoming CD on the widget to the right of this.

Get it direct from Bird Mancini-Just $10  -Shipping and sales tax included!  Continental USA only.  For the rest of the world...please go to cdbaby.com

If you prefer downloads they are available at CDBaby, iTunes and many other outlets.



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Come Out and Hear us!

  • Nov 25
    First Church in Jamaica Plain UU,  Jamaica Plain
  • Nov 30
    JASPER HILL Restaurant & Live Music Venue,  Millis
  • Dec 8
    The Emerald Rose,  Billerica